Shopify / Dropshipping

Drop Shipping is a great way to get started in the e-commerce realm, with very little money as you're acting as the middle man between buyer and supplier.

Is it too good to be true and just a scam, can you actually make money doing it and how can you avoid the nonsense online?

The content on this website aims to provide you direction to making Shopify a viable income. Below I document my initial experience, but through the blogs, videos and other pages on the website there will be some valuable information, so please do have a nose around!


My History of E-Commerce

Drop Shipping is something I wish I had known about far sooner. I had a similar idea, without the research but failed at the execution. I tried selling Hover Boards when they were cool, remember that?

I built the online store myself (as I'm a web developer) and this was a total waste of valuable time - especially when speed is an essence with following trends.

Instead of ordering single products and placing a markup, I had dealt with a supplier on Alibaba that ran off of a minimum order basis.

I used the website to essentially reserve stock, once the total number of orders meet the required minimum I would place the order. Unfortunately, I only made one order so just refunded the single customer.

If I had known about the Drop Shipping process and known how to utilise Shopify I believe I would have made a quick success of it. As I could order the product and ship it directly to the customer, and the 5 days I spent building the website would have been reduced to a few hours and I could have focused more energy into the marketing!


My next attempt at E-Commerce was through private labelling, my product of choice was watches. My idea was to create an affordable luxury mens brand but I completely underestimated the amount of effort to get this up and running was.

However, all was not lot - I gained valuable experience with dealing with suppliers through Alibaba and learned the true power of Shopify.


In the Summer of 2017 I signed by to Tanner J Fox's Amazon FBA course

I learnt Amazon was not for me. It felt like it was becoming saturated, as with the volume of new sellers and everyone learning the same strategies for finding products - there was no new products to succeed with on Jungle Scout. 

I was never really comfortable with investing in a large order with a Chinese Supplier and just trusting they would sell on Amazon - as regardless of the amount of research into the demand of the product there was still so many failed cases on the Facebook Group.


Around the subject of Amazon, I naturally stumbled across drop shipping where instead of buying in bulk from the suppliers you would purchase a single (or multiple) products through Alibaba's Express Platform.


As I already knew how to effectively use Shopify, I was doing more research in how to utilise it for Drop Shipping and found a great tool Oberlo that's integrated into Shopify and is especially built by Shopify for Drop Shipping with Aliexpress.


I'll touch on Oberlo and some of it's awesome and powerful features in the blog, but just sign up to Oberlo it's free and very easy to use. Follow the instructions on Oberlo website, install the Chrome App and begin searching through Aliexpress!


You may be reading this because you're interested in Drop Shipping, and likely seen an abundance of online ads of hugely successful stores, boasting millions of pounds a week.

Apologies, but that's not realistic for you to achieve and I personally haven't achieved that either.


I consider my first store a pretty good success, no it wasn't hundreds of thousands of pounds like the ads depict (those ads are scams by the way), but within a few short months it turned over a decent profit from selling just one single product.

Take a look at the stats below....


Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.32.26.png

I had populated my store with a bunch of coffee and hot drink related products, but I only really pushed and succeeded with one product on the website.

That product was a thermal flask, shaped as a penguin!


What was my process?


My main approach was using solely Facebook Ads, as Instagram Story Ads were not available just yet.

I launched with an initial giveaway competition, to build up an audience, Email List & Facebook Pixel data to then develop a lookalike audience based on those showing interest to the drink related product.


From the initial giveaway advert, I had the stats and the pixel data to properly target an audience with a higher priced product. As a higher price = higher margin, therefore larger product and less volume to sell!


One of the best performing adverts, which came as no surprise, was a little short video I shot with my nieces showcasing the product.

As you can see from the image below, it racked up a good amount of views and this was just one of the adverts I run for the video.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 16.00.54.png

For the purpose of this page, I won't be going into any further details, but wanted to touch on my experience rather than being a full-on educational piece.

As you can see, I'm not boasting of making millions through Shopify and you can do the same if you just buy my course (I don't have a Shopify course, don't worry).

But I hope I've demonstrated I do have experience with Shopify and Drop Shipping, and this isn't my only store - this was an example of my first store. Just to show you, you're first store can be profitable.


I don't want you to get scammed and let down thinking you can make fortunes in this game, so I hope to provide a free education and guidance through this website. I'll be posting useful articles within the blog section from how to get started and tips and tricks.


Obviously this does take time, so please be stop by from time to time. I do want to develop a very low cost course, one that doesn't promise riches, but gets you from A to B and actually making money and does not cost you literally an arm and a leg...because if you want to get started it's probably because you want to make more money than you're earning now, but providing free advice you most likely won't use it, where in contrast if you paid for it you would at least give it a good try.


However, a course would either be in the form of an E-Book or Short Video series but in the future, so do keep following me on Instagram or Sign-up to my mailing list if this would be of interest to you!

Alternatively, I'm happy to provide consultation to help you out with your store. Just check out my consultation page and book in your call :)