A BS free guide to starting your first Shopify Business


A BS free guide to starting your first Shopify Business

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This book breaks down the exact formula and marketing strategy I use when launching a Shopify Dropshipping Store.

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Dropshipping is nothing like it used to be.

Is it any coincidence all of the ‘gurus’ have stopped advertising courses (that probably never worked). The lazy approach of being able to just spin up a store with some ‘magic formula’ for marketing and make millions never really existed and the landscape has changed.

To survive and thrive with the Dropshipping model in today’s world, you need a brand and a vision for the long term. This key ingredient: A Business!

I created this book as a guide on how to create a REAL Dropshipping business because I’m sick of all the ‘contrepeneurs’ selling rubbish. If you’re looking for a get rich quick, or the ‘magic formula’ then you may as well turn away now…it doesn’t exist, sorry.

(I was featured by Shopify regarding the small success of my first store, take a read now before moving further :).

If you’re willing to put in the work and make small sacrifices to create a REAL Business….read on.

What are you getting with this guide?

100+ Pages of Direct Steps

This guide tries its hardest to avoid any subjectivity and non-specific methods. I share my direct approach, using my next store as a REAL example throughout as I set it up and launch it. 

Coaching & Guidance

My help far exceeds just the book you purchase. I’ll personally provide unlimited support through direct Email, an initial Skype Call once you’ve read the material and access to the BS Free Dropshipping Facebook Group where I share useful tools and answer questions of those in the community.

100% Honesty & Transparency Throughout

Dropshipping is not a simple business model that the other gurus and ‘contrepenuers’ make out. Straight up, it’s hard and you need to be prepared to sink money into Ads with no return. The dream of setting up a store and your phone exploding with 1000 of orders is so far from the reality.

I provide an in-depth insight into my real store as I build it and launch & market it and how to handle the sales I received.

Every step of the way covered

From finding a supplier, actually processing an order to a customer and handling complaints. Every step of the way is covered with my personal approach to each.

No Funnel or Upsell

Let’s be honest, who isn’t sick of these ‘Just pay Shipping’ or ‘Free Webinar’ models to receive nothing in return but be a target for upsells. I could have positioned this with this method, but it doesn’t sit well with me - I just want to provide a step-by-step guide to genuinely help, that’s all in needs to be.

Purchasing this guide you are not submitting into an annoying funnel, or receive next-to-no ‘value’ in order to be upwelled to the next tier. I’m just selling this guide to legitimately help you start a business Dropshipping using Shopify, other than my support, that’s where it ends.

What will the result of this guide be for you?

Your Shopify Business launched in 5 days (or less).

If you follow this guide, you should have your Shopify Business launched in less than 5 days of work. The actual timeline will be a little longer due to awaiting product samples, but in relation to ‘days worked’ you can easily achieve this in less than 5 days. I use 5 days as a ballpark, to demonstrate how quickly it is to do this while avoiding procrastination and in ‘spare time’.

Your very first Sale within days of launching your store

To caveat, nothing is full-proof, but as I demonstrate in the book with my own store I achieve my first few sales with my first Ad. By following my process & support guidance, there is no reason why you will not be receiving sales to your store.

An actual Business, not a punt

There is rarely an emphasis put on the ‘business’ side of Dropshipping. The traditional drop shipping model is dead, you can’t just spin up stores and make a million (if you ever could). You need to be in this for the long game to succeed in having this for any length of time.
I help you find your niche through your passion to position your business around selling what you love and genuinely have an interest in.

Short Summary of contents:

  • Hard-truths of Drop Shipping and Myth busters

  • Finding a Supplier

  • How to handle Customer Support

  • How to position your business around the long delivery times of Drop Shipping

  • How to advertise your products on Social Media Platforms

  • Social Media Marketing blueprint and techniques

  • How to brand your store

  • How and Why a Niche is important

  • How to build a sustainable Shopify Business over the long-game

  • How to theme your store to increase UX and Conversions

  • How to position your Product Page for success

  • Real LIVE Examples of my very own store and campaigns.