The Lume Cube Review - The portable light box


Over a month ago I was reached out to by the company Lume Cube.

I had received an email from an Audrey (the same name as my house plant funnily enough), saying they had come across my Instagram Profile, enjoyed the photos I share of my workspace and interested to see whether they could send their product for me to improve my photos and share with my audience.

When I started my Instagram I never thought I would reach 10,000 followers, let alone be sent free stuff but here where are! I guess I’m an ‘Influencer’ now?!

However, obviously I would be happy to receive a free gift if it suited my ‘Personal Brand’ persona (in this case lighting for my desk photos!), but ultimately I would only share and ‘promote’ it if I genuinely felt it was a useful or good product.

What is Lume Cube?

Lume Cube is basically a small, portable light box for photography - but fuck me is it powerful! It’s literally smaller than the palm of your hand.

The advertised uses consist of:

  • Youtube video recordings

  • Skyping/Face-timing/Zoom calls

  • Instagram stories/Vlogging

  • All live content broadcasts/video calls

  • Content Creation

In my case, I’ve been using it to light up my workspace and Skype Calls - it came at a time someone said I need better lighting in my photos!

I’ll be looking to create YouTube Video Content down the line and I can see this being a great addition!

Let’s start with the packaging.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect but I was actually impressed by the box it came in. Pretty heavy duty, the actual image of the Lume Cube is embossed laminated so it had a nice ‘touch’ to it.

Definitely has that ‘high-end’ feel to it, exactly what you’d expect from the price.

The box opens up in a door fashion to reveal what’s inside held closed by a magnet - another nice addition.

I like packaging.


What it’s in the box?

  • The Lume Cube

  • Two diffusers - White & Amber

  • A mount (suction cup)

The mount I was actually really impressed by the suction cup, not only does it have an incredibly sticky coating on it it also has a strong suction. Usually these things just fall off, but this stuck anywhere with ease!


Let’s have a look at the actual Lume Cube…apologises these aren’t the best pictures as I only have my iPhone! Ironically, I can’t take shots of the Lume Cube with the Lume Cube lighting.


As you can see, this little gem is pretty tiny, this makes carrying it out for a mini-shoot or attaching it to the back of the phone for a portable Instagram Live or Profile Shots very easy.


The Lume Cube has just the standard Micro USB for charging.

What I like is that it also works perfectly fine when attached to the USB while charging, if the battery life has run out which is great. Usually you have to await a product to be charged before using it.

Here’s the suction cup, as I said it’s very sticky (but doesn’t give off any residue, it’s just sticky!), so a lot of dust is attracted to it.


As you can see, the Lume Cube essentially connects with a standard Tripod screw (is that what they’re called?) so can be attached and mounted onto a camera, tripod or drone where possible!


I’ve stuck it on the back of my laptop screen recently for a Skype call and it had no problem with sticking and staying there for a prolonged amount of time and provides great lighting for the call - rather than those dark nighttime calls where it looks like you’re talking to a shadow the whole time.


The Lume Cube has around 4 different settings/strength of lighting, which can be applied by just keeping on tapping the ‘on’ button.

The max strength is as I said incredibly bright for such a small box - I actually blinded myself for a good part of the evening from catching a glimpse of it.

I’ve been using the highest setting for my ‘setup’ photos on Instagram, but the lowest setting obviously for Skype Calls otherwise you’re just completely blinded.

Now, I don’t claim to be a photographer and I’m still very much becoming accustom and learning how to apply lighting to my pictures - but with just the small addition of the box I believe it has provided a nice edge to my photos on Instagram.

Let’s have a look at a couple of shots with the Lume Cube


What’s my conclusion and final opinion?

Presumably Lume Cube is US based, it was shipped by FedEx and came very quickly, just under a week since the confirmation of the company sending it out.

The retail price of a Lume Cube is $79.95…which could appear to be quite a high cost, but let’s break it down.

If you compare to traditional methods of using a backlighting rig. This would be fairly costly expense anyways not to mention the actual space & real estate that is required.

With such a tiny box, you can just grip it to anywhere you want and achieve a similar result and then just hide it away on your desk or draws.

I did try the portrait lighting, using myself as the focal point and this worked great (sorry I’m not showing my embarrassing mug shots).

Where I can see this really benefiting the workspace is not only enhancing the general photos of the workspace, but if you’re someone doing Skype Calls a lot or even YouTube videos. Will provide that ‘professional’ quality touch, without having to have these huge ugly rigs.

Are you a creator or looking to grow your Personal Brand? Then I would recommend this product whole-heartedly. However, I can understand the cost may be a bit too much for some.

Do I think it’s worth the cost? I honestly do. I was looking to get a lighting rig, but having to put it up-and-down everytime I wanted to use it was putting me off. I wouldn’t want to have my home office as a permanent ‘photography studio’.

Unfortunately, I do not have some form of ‘influencer’ discount code. I wasn’t asked to write this blog post either, but I thought it would be more useful to see the product in detail and share my opinion of it.

If you’re interested, go check it out and Buy It Here.