2018 - Year in Review

What a year 2018 ended up to be, huge up’s and down’s for me and many lessons learned.

Going into 2018 I had a couple of personal big goals I wanted to achieve for the year;

  1. Buy a house

  2. Own a Mercedes

At the start of the year, I was not in a financial position to even buy a house and being self-employed whether I even could achieve my first biggest goal, but I had to make it happen.

At this point, I had no idea how to even go about purchasing a house! With lots of hard work and the luxury of being self-employed I’ve been able to achieve both of these huge goals.

Here’s a short breakdown and review of my 2018; The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

  • Started the year with a Ski Trip to Les Gets with the boys

  • Saw Michael Mcintyre Live

  • Saw John Bishop Live

  • Hit monetary goal for house deposit & refurb

  • Accepted for a Mortgage

  • Offer Accepted on a house

  • Reached my first 1000 followers on Instagram

  • Completed House purchase & received keys in August

  • Attended first Falcon Manchester Meetup

  • Partner was diagnosed with Hogkins Lymphoma

  • Became vegetarian in August (still going)

  • Featured on Oberlo Blog regarding my Shopify success story

  • Published my Personal Brand website (the one your on ;))

  • Brand new Mercedes delivered in November this has been written down in my goals list & journal consistently for the last 2 years.

  • Reached 2500 followers on Instagram

  • Branded and soft-launched my next Ecommerce Business - Uninspired Boutique

  • Brand new kitchen fitted in new house

  • Brand new bathroom fitted in new house

  • Fully decorated and kitted out personal office & setup

  • Attending my first Property Investment course

  • Renovated entire house by November (4 months) and moved in end of November

  • Kitted out entire house with furniture, appliances & entertainment equipment

  • Read 12 books

  • Watched England vs Belgium in Brussels

  • Visited Bruges

  • Had my first 12% Trading Return Month

  • Backtested and documented/tracked data for all 10 pairs on 2018 Goal List

  • Developed Portfolio of go-to setups against all 10 pairs on Evernote

  • Written & Laminated Trading Plan

  • Built upon my Long-Term Passive Investment portfolio

  • Achieved all Trading Content Goals

  • Achieved my Second Certificate in Krav Maga

  • Launched Krav Maga club website

  • Visited Amsterdam for the 6th time

  • Attended Falcon End of Year party at the very top of the Gherkin

  • Met faces in person from the Falcon Community I’ve been speaking to for Months

  • My biggest financial earning year to date

  • Partner received all clear results from HL, and last treatment on 28th December 2018!

There was some goals I did not achieve this year, but upon reflection at the end of year, these never actually aligned with my values and interests which makes sense why they were never achieved.

Your goals should align with your actual interests, if the motive is just the results then naturally you will become a victim of shiny-ball syndrome.

Going into 2019 my goals are super lazer focused and these goals include:

  • Trading a substantially large acccount size

  • Become a Consistently Profitable Trader

  • Document my Trading Journey Consistently

  • Launch & document my Uninspired Boutique business

  • General house improvements and materialistic goals

  • Consistently Backtesting and evolving my Trading Plan