Over the last few years I’ve been determined to build multiple income streams to accommodate my Freelance Business…

I’ll be sharing my progression results with Trading on a Monthly Basis along with updates on my latest Shopify Store Venture.

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Featured on Oberlo by Shopify

In early September 2018 I was approached by the Dropshipping management company Oberlo (who is run by Shopify), to share the experiences of my small success with dropshipping on Shopify in 2017.

In this article I discuss some of the clever markting tactics I adopted to quickly scale and gain rapid exposure and immediate sales to my Shopify Store.

Read it here.

My Short Story…


In November 2016, I decided to abruptly quit my job to pursue a freelance career as a software developer.

Through sheer fate, the day I handed in my resignation I received an email asking if I could begin a contract in January, with the requirement of working solely from home.

Being a developer was never the end game and wanting to remove the risk of having a single income, I began researching additional ways of producing income.

Naturally, I became interested in the Financial Markets.

With the luxury of time & freedom on my side through being able to work from home, I researched various investment vehicles and strategies to trade.

It wasn’t until the day of Brexit I fell in love with Trading.

In a single day, I naively gained around £1500 shorting the UK airline stocks and GBP against the USD.

No sooner than gaining this, in a couple of days I was back to Break Even.

Understanding the power of trading, I wanted to pursue this properly and professionally…ever since then I’ve been on a mission to become a consistently profitable trader.

2019 is the year I achieve just that, as from January 2019 I am tinkering on the verge of consistency and I’ll be documenting a monthly report on this website of my results.

How did I get into Shopify?

I’ve always been interested in E-commerce, coming from a developer background I’ve worked on multiple online retailer websites and exposed to the marketing surrounding those through working in Marketing Agencies.

I originally wanted to develop a branded product, my initial idea was to develop an affordable ‘Gentlemens’ brand. However, the initial capital to start the business was not something I could afford.

Late 2017 I discovered the business model of ‘Dropshipping’.

Initially I tried Dropshipping through eBay, but never really found much success with it as I was not in charge of the marketing.

I began expanding my expertise in digital marketing and paid ads on Social Media.

Leveraging my marketing knowledge, I decided to create a Shopify store and begin marketing the products through Facebook.

I quickly found a small success, as detailed in my Oberlo Article.

My experience with getting off the ground with Shopify & Dropshipping hasn’t come with it’s own shortfalls and failings. I’ve learnt from many, and come across a hell of a lot of fluff and bullshit in the industry around ‘teaching’.

Ecommerce / Dropshipping isn’t easy, nor is it cheap - but it is possible. Be smart & don’t be fooled by the scammers. If it seems to good to be true, it always is.