Hello & Welcome to my website!

First & foremost, thank you for visiting- perhaps you’d like to learn a little about me?

Over the past few years I have been self-employed, within those years to accommodate my freelance business I have been developing additional income streams.

These income streams are both Trading & E-commerce through Shopify - which are both huge passions of mine.

I am now at a point where I would love to share my knowledge and help others on their journey in these areas.

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As Featured on Oberlo by Shopify

In early September 2018 I was approached by the Dropshipping management company Oberlo (who is run by Shopify), to share the experiences of my small success with dropshipping on Shopify in 2017.

In this article I discuss some of the clever markting tactics I adopted to quickly scale and gain rapid exposure and immediate sales to my Shopify Store.

Read it here.

A selection of products I have released.

I receive numerous requests on my Instagram for guidance, educational products and more.

Now I have decided to release requested resources and other assets I believe will be beneficial to Trading & Shopify.

The reason I charge? Two reasons:

  1. It takes time to develop products and has taken me years of money and experience which I don’t believe deserves to be given away to just anyone for free. However, I don’t believe in the ‘FURU’ (Fake Guru) and rip-off educational providers so would never charge hundreds with false promises

  2. Nothing worth having in life is free. If you pay, however small the cost is you will always cherish it more and pay attention!

My Short Story…


In November 2016, I decided to abruptly quit my job to pursue a freelance career as a software developer.

Through sheer fate, the day I handed in my resignation I received an email asking if I could begin a contract in January, with the requirement of working solely from home.

Being a developer was never the end game and wanting to remove the risk of having a single income, I began researching additional ways of producing income.

Naturally, I became interested in the Financial Markets.

With the luxury of time & freedom on my side through being able to work from home, I researched various investment vehicles and strategies to trade.

It wasn’t until the day of Brexit I fell in love with Trading.

In a single day, I naively gained around £1500 shorting the UK airline stocks and GBP against the USD.

No sooner than gaining this, in a couple of days I was back to Break Even.

Understanding the power of trading, I wanted to pursue this properly and professionally…ever since then I’ve been on a mission to become a consistently profitable trader.

I now share Trading Related content on my YouTube for those early in their journey or completely new to trading.

How did I get into Shopify?

I’ve always been interested in E-commerce, coming from a developer background I’ve worked on multiple online retailer websites and exposed to the marketing surrounding those through working in Marketing Agencies.

I originally wanted to develop a branded product, my initial idea was to develop an affordable ‘Gentlemens’ brand. However, the initial capital to start the business was not something I could afford.

Late 2017 I discovered the business model of ‘Dropshipping’.

Initially I tried Dropshipping through eBay, but never really found much success with it as I was not in charge of the marketing.

I began expanding my expertise in digital marketing and paid ads on Social Media.

Leveraging my marketing knowledge, I decided to create a Shopify store and begin marketing the products through Facebook.

I quickly found a small success, as detailed in my Oberlo Article.

My experience with getting off the ground with Shopify & Dropshipping hasn’t come with it’s own shortfalls and failings. I’ve learnt from many, and come across a hell of a lot of fluff and bullshit in the industry around ‘teaching’.

Ecommerce / Dropshipping isn’t easy, nor is it cheap - but it is possible. Be smart & don’t be fooled by the scammers. If it seems to good to be true, it always is.